Sunday, 5 December 2010

First night in Cairo

Organized chaos has its charm when first stepping off the flight and into the Cairo airport. I was instantly met by Hady, one of the Cairo Biennale's public relations rep, with an A4 paper bearing my name. Two suitcases, a 1 meter grey tube, carry on, computer, and camera bags , we swiftly went through customs with some standard questioning and exchange of smiles.

It took about one hour to arrive to the hotel in Garden City, where cars just weaved in and out of a paved roadway creating about four lanes in what most would consider a two lane highway. Witnessing only a few bumper to bumper instances, I flashback to when a taxi weaved me through the streets of Istanbul. I was enamored by the wave of history that flashed by, and Cairo by far is wonderfully overwhelming between glimpses of the pharaonic to modern day niches.

With only a few hours around the hotel, I stepped into some of the most common experiences. Shortly I'm off to visit Mahmoud Mokhtar Museum to begin the installation, shopping for paint and whatever else unfolds.

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